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Ensotech brings the ultimate technology to mini-scale slotless motors and is pleased to introduce their third version in a new matte blue finish Swave-ZM V3 sensored brushless motor for 1:28th scale R/C race.

After a year of research and testing,  using a new type of sensor component, a more efficient copper wiring, and magnet to produce Swave-ZM V3 motor under an improved production method.  All these updates result in a lowered overall resistance and an improved current flow.  In terms of figures, the Swave ZM-V3 motor has increased the overall performance by almost 20%. These versions of motors feel significantly punchier although retaining a smooth powerful acceleration.


Motor Type: 3 Phases, Slotless, Brushless
Poles: 2P
Motor Shaft Flat Spot: YES
Power Cable: 3pcs x 100mm pre-soldered blue color cables
Weight: 21g include motor wire

1 x Ensotech Swave-ZM V3 5500KV motor

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