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Product Code: UARTLK-II
Availability: 95

Programming Cable to connect Swave-E2 & Swave-W & W2 to Android device (not IOS) to adjust ESC setting and firmware update

For Type-C Android device require to use "USB Type-C Adaptor", available HERE

This programming cable cannot use on Swave-E.  If you want to program Swave-E please order "UARTLINK" 

** Swave ESC require OTG (On The Go) protocol to communicate with Android device. (Not support Apple IOS)

** Android device MUST have OTG, from Google market there are many free apps able to check your device doesn't support OTG.

** If required to use Type-C adaptor make sure the adaptor support OTG, some phone manufacturer their adaptor included in the box doesn't support OTG communication protocol, only for charging purpose.

** If required to use Type-C adaptor make sure the adaptor support OTG, some low price adaptor claimed they are OTG but actually not.  Double confirm with the shop manager before purchase.

Android apps version: 1.4.3 or later.  Install from Google Play™ OR download the apk file from HERE to install manually.

Different between UARTLINK & UARTLINK-II
UARTLINK (2 wires - on 2 pin ESC connector)
UARTLINK-II (2 wires - on 3pin ESC connector)

If you want to modify UARTLINK to UARTLINK-II,  please leave your request in your order, we will provide a 3 pin connector in the shipment.  You will need to remove the pin from the 2pin connector and insert to the 3pin connector. 

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