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Swave E2 / W / W2 / W3 can now use a wireless connection via ENSO BLUETH (Android).  You can easily and remotely access your ESC to change the parameter, firmware updates also telemetry monitors the battery voltage / ESC temperature / throttle and motor rpm without leaving the driver stand.

With the technology of the ultra-low-power module, you can leave it with the ESC all the time. 
An advantage of the unbelievable micro size is to place it anywhere inside the car.
Each ENSO BLUETH has its unique device name and password, prevent to mess up with other drivers' phones. 

Support Swave: E2, W, W2 or W3 under 5V
Mobile Platform: Android
Size: 1cm*1cm (exclude cables)
Voltage: 5V

SWAVE-W3 features BEC voltage adjustment of 5V and 6.5V. Using this adaptor on Swave-W3, you must adjust the BEC voltage value to 5V using UARTLINKs' programming cable (Android) or the latest Bluetooth adaptor - ENSO BLUTH-MT (Android/IOS) before connecting.   This adaptor immediately burnt under 6.5V value.

Video Link (Wireless and How to make the connection)

Difference between to use Android version "ENSO BLUETH" and IOS version ENSO BLUETH-2;
IOS has its own password protocol then the Android; if use Android version "ENSO BLUETH" on IOS device although there is no problem if you are the first time to establish the connection if you want to reconnect again it’s prohibited by IOS system, you have to remove the "ENSO BLUETH" from the phone system then go back to swave apps to search your "ENSO BLUETH", input password again like you are the first time to establish the connection.  If you are using IOS device please purchase the IOS version - ENSO BLUETH-2

** ENSO BLUTH has been tested with 20 popular mobile phone models without connection issues. However, Ensotech cannot guarantee it works on all devices due to different phone specs in other countries. To get the best connection result, please clear the phone cache memory and unnecessary background running apps or restart the phone. **